माध्यम सांख्यिकी

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Statistics about uploaded file types. This only includes the most recent version of a file. Old or deleted versions of files are excluded.

Bitmap images

MIME typeशक्य विस्तारकेसंचिकांची संख्याएकत्रित आकार
image/png.png, .apng१ (५०%)७,५४८ bytes (७ कि.बा.; ९.३५%)
image/jpeg.jpeg, .jpg, .jpe१ (५०%)७३,१९० bytes (७१ कि.बा.; ९०.७%)

Total file size for this section: ८०,७३८ bytes (७९ कि.बा.; १००%).

सर्व संचिका

Total file size for all files: ८०,७३८ bytes (७९ कि.बा.).